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The P4G8X Deluxe supports dual ddr 266 memory. From the FAQ thats PC2100. Well first, is there a way to increase the mhz while still retaining dual support?

If not what is a good brand? If so what is a good brand?

Is there a website that will tell me what type of ram is compatable with this motherboard?
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  1. It supports faster memory at the lower speed. What this means for you is that running PC2700 at PC2100 speed will allow you to overclock your CPU bus from 133 to 166MHz actual clock speed. Is this what you're looking for?

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  2. I was speaking more on upping the dual ddr rate. I read a post somewhere that hinted it could be done to a higher RAM speed (PC 2700 as an example).

    But you are saying with the faster RAM you can overclock the CPU? Thats a requirement?

    One more, is the PC2700 RAM have a faster transfer rate than PC2100 or does it just run at higher mhz? Is speed determined by CL (I foget what that stands for) speed.
  3. OK, well:

    The 7205 chipset supports dual channel PC2100 for the "533" bus processors. I don't think they allow you to run the memory bus assynchronously at a higher speed, so at stock CPU speed, you're stuck at stock PC2100 speed.

    PC2700 will run at "DDR333" which is 166MHz x2. PC2100 runs at "DDR266", which is 133MHz x2. The "533" CPU bus is 133MHz x4. So you can see where dual channel makes it work OK, memory at 133MHz x2x2, CPU bus at 133MHz x4.

    The advantage of running the memory assynchronously at a higher speed would be lowered Cas Latency in real time. For instance, Cas2 means 2 cycle response time, 2 166MHz cycles take less time than 2 133MHz cycles.

    The PC2100 and PC2700 names are derived from their bandwidth. So 2700 is more than 2100. But if you run PC2700 at DDR266 speed, it's running at PC2100 speed, so you get PC2100 bandwidth. This is why I mention overclocking. If you had PC2100 and decided to overclock, you might be stuck with your memory not liking the higher clock speed. PC2700 would allow you to increase your bus speed to 166MHz (from 133MHz stock) without destabilising the RAM. Whether or not your CPU will go that far is a matter of the particular CPU's ability to be overclocked.

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