Adding a gigabit switch to my network


Today I added a gigabit switch to my network,

My router/modem is the Sagecom sky router 204n I believe.

I assume I have done everything correctly but am not getting any speed increase when transferring files (in fact it has dropped a little) I currently get about 7.5mbps between my computer and my server. All are wired connections.

I have the modem/router connected to the Gigabit switch and the switch is connected to my server and a PC. Slight complication is I use 200mb homeplugs to connect from the switch to the PC, the server is connected straight to the switch, also I am waiting on some cat6 cables I've orrdered I have no idea what I'm using...

I realise the homeplugs might cause a bottleneck but I did expect an increase. Does my setup look flawed in anyway?
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  1. It's not unusual for 200Mbps powerline adapters to be pretty slow. And iirc, they're half-duplex, meaning they can only transmit in one direction at a time (unlike ethernet which is full-duplex). I've seen powerline transfers as slow as 12-14Mbps, sometimes worse depending on local wiring issues.

    So the first thing I’d do (if possible), just to make sure all your other ducks are in a row, is run an ethernet cable from the PC to the Gigabit switch. Leave powerline out of the equation and measure again.
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