New Router dropping connection like a hot potato?

What's up guys!? I just switched ISP's and they provided me with a Ubee router. The computer plugged directly into works fine, great speed, no drops. A laptop connected via Wifi is the same, great speed, no drops.

But I have these 2 devices.....

Basically, to sum it up....

My Router is not simply 'dropping' connection, but instead, 'disabling' the internet to the devices and forcing me to reconnect in order to get approx. a few minutes of it again.

I have a Desktop computer with a WGA600N Gaming adapter hooked up to it, and an iPod touch.

Both worked perfectly with the old router, so I know it's the router for sure. The thing is, it's not just dropping and reconnecting.. It's connecting for a few minutes, and disconnecting permanently until I reconnect to the connection..

For my iPod, it doesn't actually disconnect me, I just lose internet. It says I still have 3 bars of signal strength on my iPod, but I don't have internet. I must hit 'Forget this Network' and retype the password in order to get another 2-3 minutes out of the signal.

As for my Desktop hooked up with the gaming adapter, when the internet 'runs out', I simply unplug it and plug it back in to 'renew' the internet.

Any ideas?

Things I know:
iPod Wifi works fine (I use it at school nearly everyday)
Gaming Adapter works fine + is setup correctly
Router Wifi is working (proven by the Laptop)

Thanks! -Yebba
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