Media center streaming/library access issues

I just got an emacines 1360g to use on a 2nd tv. I want to stream from my main htpc with win 7 media center to it through media center. I had hoped that this machine would be good enough. Added a wireless n USB adapter other than that it is stock with only 2 gb of ram. I have the tv Hooked up via hdmi with 720p resolution.

When I look at network drives through windows explorer, it seems to react fairly quickly. When I try to access movies list from media center, it takes forever (>10 mins) and doesn't bing all of them up. same with recorded tv or music or pictures.

Is my problem that emachines pc needs more ram or do you think it could be wireless network connection or a setting. I have another laptop that streams great from my main htpc so I don't think it is network, especially since win explorer seems to work fairly quickly. Is it possible t get this system to do media center streaming?

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  1. I would strongly recommend moving your media to the HTPC that is connected to the tv. you dont want to stream it from a remote location. if you DO have to stream it you would have far better results using Ethernet than wifi.
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