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Hey guys, I'm currently in the process of moving into a friends bungalow, the main house will have an internet connection and i was interested in getting an Ethernet cable run from their modem to the bungalow, I have bought the asus RT-N56U wifi router and would like to setup my own wifi network in my bungelow - I plan on running a few mobile remote apps that allow me to control my NAS unit, TV, Media Player & computer remotely. I plan on running all these for-mentioned devices via tethering (via Ethernet). However I don't fully understand WAN to LAN v LAN to LAN options. What do you think the best solution would be here?
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  1. You can run it as an AP (and switch) with an LAN to LAN connection, which keeps you on the same network as the main router. Your router as an AP will have a static address in the main router and the gateway for your devices will be the main router gateway. (Your Ethernet ports and wireless will all be assigned addresses by the main router gateway.)

    You can also run it as a router with an LAN to WAN (on your router) connection, which will put all of your devices on a separate subnet. So, if the main router gateway is, your router gateway address will be 192.168.x.1 where x is not 0.

    If you and your friend want to share files or game together an AP set up is better, if you want to each have limited access to the other then a separate subnet is better,
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