Corsair PC3200 or PC2700??

i have the asus A7N8X and XP2800 and I am trying to figure out whether I want the 3200 (400 Mhz) or 2700 (333 Mhz). The 3200 would have to run async, no? And the 2700 can run in sync? THG says there is no performace gains with DDR400 over DDR333 except in a very few applications. Since I surf the internet and play games on my computer, I don't know what is best. Also, I am still learning how to OC, so it might be better to go with the no brainer approach and get the 2700.

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  1. I would think if you are overclocking, get the 3200, then you wont be straining your memory so much if you push up the fsb, because the ram will already be at 400. Then, if you up the fsb of the cpu up to 400, then you can run at sync and you will live happily ever after. Yay!

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  2. I would recommend you to buy the pc-2700 corsair module. Unless the pc3200 have similar price to the pc2700, then i would say dont worry about it. If you're looking into overclocking, the pc2700 can be overclocked to run pc3200 speeds with any major problems. Benchmarks have shown these two modules provide very similar stablity/performance.
  3. I put 512MB of PC3500 into a PC and run it up to 400MHz. The memory can easily take it, so there's no chance of problems.

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  4. I totally agree with camie....go with the may be able to push pc2700 up to pc3200 speeds but I very seriously doubt that you could run it at cas2 latencies at ddr400 which you can most definately do with pc3500

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