Can't access hotel router settings

Hello, me and my co-worker bought an xbox and we can connect online but we have no open NAT. I asked the manager if I could take a look and set it, he said that'd be fine but there's one problem; it's seperated by sheet rock in the cieling. I asked if I could take a look on the lobby PC and try to access it there and he said it'd be fine, he understands that I'm not tampering with anything other than just turning the NAT on, he's been trying to access it himself.

I went to the cmd prompt and did ipconfig /all, got the default gateway ip and typed it in, but there are no settings just a display from air2data.

Is there another way? I can't reset the router.

All suggestions are appreciated :)
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  1. Sounds like maybe this was installed by a third party, perhaps as a contractual service agreement and perhaps they've moved the admin interface or even disabled it to prevent tampering! Perhaps you need to connect to a LAN port, hence the physical separation.
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