Connecting Android Mobile 2.3.6 to Wired Internet Connection in Laptop

Hello Everyone,

I have a wired internet connection on my Laptop. I just witnessed something. For that, let me introduce some terms:

L1 = Laptop 1 (Connected to the Internet via Wired Connection RJ45 Pin)

L2 = Laptop 2 (Not connected to the Internet)

M1 = Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 having Android Gingerbread installed

I created a Wireless Connection (Ad-Hoc) between L1 & L2 & in doing so there was an option in L1 to allow sharing of Internet. I ticked Yes on that option. Then I gave SSID name (lets say "EXAMPLE") , Encryption Type as WPA2 & so a key.

I activated EXAMPLE by L1 by first Turning On Wi-Fi button of L1 & connecting to EXAMPLE. It showed status as "Waiting for users". I connected EXAMPLE by L2 & guess what (although many of you would be knowing this but I didn't), Internet was connected in L2.
So in the end a Wired Internet Connection with a single cable was being used by two Laptops.

My question is this:
I want M1 in place of L2. Is it possible? If yes, How? I tried by Turning on Wi-Fi & Scan for a connection named "EXAMPLE" but it wouldn't show up in the Mobile Phone. I do know that the reverse will do i.e., if I want to use my Mobile Internet Connection on my Laptop , I just need to Turn on USB Tethering/Wi-Fi Hotspot. But I want to use my Wired Broadband connection with my Mobile without a Wireless Router.
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  3. This reply is very late, but I stumbled across this while googling something else and it hadn't been answered, so...

    I don't think ad-hoc networks are supported in Android. Not in Gingerbread, anyways. If you want to share your laptop's wireless with your tablet, you'll need to turn your laptop into a wireless access point. Assuming you're running Windows, the easiest way to do that that I'm aware of is with a piece of free (but ad-supported) software called Connectify. There's another free and open-source app out there called Virtual Router that purports to do the same stuff, but I think it uses ad-hoc connections under the hood and so doesn't work with Android devices (at any rate, I've always had more luck with Connectify).

    If you really don't want to install new software, you can try using some command-line fu. I can't recall if this is also built over ad-hoc wifi or not, but it's easy enough to try. Disclaimer: it's been a while since I tried this, so the commands and steps may not be exact, but to start a wireless network from the command line, you use something like the following (note: I think that Virtual Router is basically a skin for these commands):

    netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=yournetworkname key=yournetworkpassword
    netsh wlan start hostednetwork

    And stop with

    netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

    If your hardware supports hostednetwork (run "netsh wlan show drivers" and look for "Hosted network supported"), that'll create a new wireless network adapter in the Windows Network and Sharing center (a Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport or something or other). If you right-click that and go to Properties, I think there's an Sharing tab that lets you pick an network interface to borrow an internet connection from. Or maybe you instruct the network adapter that provides your internet connection to share with the new one; I don't recall exactly. Hopefully at that point, your tablet connects to the laptop like any other wireless hotspot.
  4. use this application on ur L1 or L2 - connectify me (google it). an easy way to start hotspot on your laptops . with this you can connect three devices to internet
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