Problems adding a network printer

Problems adding new laptop with Windows 7 to my network printer keeping saying acces denied
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  1. Easy, allow access then your printer will work.

    A little more information would be useful here otherwise nobody is going to be able to help you

    what printer is it, and how is it connected to your network? If it is connected via another computer, what OS is on the other computer?
  2. sry, wasnt thinking lol trying to connect laptop with OS Windows 7 to a hp 1350 all in one printer connected via another computer with OS Windows XP on my home network.
  3. As said already, the very first thing you have to do is turn on file and printer sharing on the other PC that the printer is connected to. Either that, or go get a printer hub, then you won't have to have the other PC even running to print with your laptop.
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