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DVD-RW drive problem

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February 20, 2003 3:05:00 AM

I have a Pioneer DVR-104 DVD-RW drive and just recently it stopped reading CD-ROM and CD-R discs. For a few days it still burned CD-R discs but it would not read the discs that I had just burned, although the discs worked fine in my laptops cd drive. It reads DVD discs just fine but for some odd reason won't read nor burn CD-R discs at all now. The drive had version 1.2 firmware which I upgraded to 1.4, the latest firmware to my knowledge. If anyone has any suggestions that might solve the problem or know of any service shops that might be able to repair my drive, it would be appreciated.

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February 22, 2003 6:55:26 PM

And today it seems the drive decieded to stop reading dvds as well... If anyone else has experinced this kind of problem in the past with any optical drive, let me know what you did so that I can figure out what to try on my drive :( 
February 23, 2003 4:58:20 PM

I have the Pioneer 105 DVD RW and i had a vauegly similar problem, i was buildign a system from scrratch and tested it out on a mates machine, it would read CDs, but it flashed up a "Laser power stability error" or some such. Tried it on my machine and the problem disapeared compeltely.
The only thing i can think of that was different is that his machine had a lot more current draw on the PSU than mine, and that this was effecting the DVD RW while i was using a 400W he has a 350W and 3x HDD and then 3x Optical.

Probably not relevant but it can't hurt, good luck.

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