NTFS Data Recovery HELP ME

Please can anyone help? I'm desperate!

I was using Partion Magic 7 last night to merge an old linux partition into a Win XP NTFS partion. I have done his a few times in the past and backed-up but as all the other times it worked ok last night i didnt back-up. I went on the reasoning that it was very unlikly for something to go wrong. I HAD about 47gb of stuff that would have takebn ages to put on cd.

Unfortunately i soon realised that my university dissertation was also on there including all my important email correspondance. Most the the other items on there i wont really miss i.e. music etc. I was having faith in PM7 until now.

The problem began about halfway through when it stoped and told me there was a 'cross-linked' file. I had the option to ignore it, delete one or delete both. I firstly ignored it but the data was missing, so I then deleted one. I have spent all last night trying to figure out a way of recovering all or part of the information.

My curent PM7 staus can be found HERE
The C drive is Windows XP Pro whilst the D is where the data is at. I think the extended partition is still showing the data but when i double click on D drive it shows as blank.

Does anyone know of a downloadable shareware program that may be able to recover infomation , i remember looking at one once. Or a retail one i could buy if they are better.

I really need the information so i can carry on working asap. I will be looking at this post througout the day so ALL help is useful.

Thanks in advance - Steve

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  1. <A HREF="http://www.pcinspector.de/file_recovery/UK/welcome.htm" target="_new">http://www.pcinspector.de/file_recovery/UK/welcome.htm</A>

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  2. i have what you need, but i have to find it first. it will find what you have on the ntfs partition. you can email me to remind me if i don't post back here.

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