Reinstalling drivers after OS re-install

I have cleaned my harddrive with DBAN and reinstalled windows. I had backed up all drivers on a separate USB disk, and copied them back to the c: drive after OS install. If I can get my ethernet connection back, I should be able to replace missing drivers over the Internet.
Can anybody please provide a detailed guide what I need to do to get back on the Internet, or how to reinstall the missing drivers from the harddisk. Thanks!
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  1. You need to run the driver if it is in an executable package like most current drivers by simply double clicking. Download the latest drivers from the motherboard or device (like graphic cards) manufacturer website. Run the Ethernet driver first and then you will be able to use your Ethernet adapter to download all the others. You should also run the chipset driver and all other device drivers that you need (video, sound, etc.) after that and then do your Windows updates.
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