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I saw on Amazon that they are listing a "comming soon" item called
Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker for $30. I know that there was a
Kingmaker premium module on the Bioware web site. I never tried it. Is
this the same thing? Have they beefed it up to be a full expansion
pack? It said it required NWN and HOTU.

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    This is new to me, but the price I see listed on Amazon is 19.99.

    I checked the BW forums and found that they are going to try releasing
    the expansion modules along the traditional retail channels. There
    seems to be some confusion as to the actual content, there is some
    speculation that all 3 download modules are to be released.
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    More important to use module makers, the expansion content may be
    installed into the toolset by the CD release.
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