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Trying to install Windows 7 on a machine that currently has Ubuntu.
Fort the install I'm using a USB DVD drive, but for some reason it won't install the system.
Have changed the boot order in the bios, trying both USB DVD and normal CD/DVD but no joy - just loads Ubuntu from the hard disk.
Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?

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  1. Sounds like the disc itself isn't reading. If you're using a copied (backup) Windows disc, are you sure it's not a bad burn, or that it's bootable. I've seen people simply copy the .iso to a disc and try booting from it there before. That of course, would never work.

    If it's a genuine disc, then check for scratches etc.

    I know that some older BIOS's don't like to boot from USB devices, but from what you say, it's happening with the internal drive. Have you a third drive you can temporarily attach to your system to try?

    Have you tried booting the system from another bootable disc, maybe your Ubuntu disc? This would help you eliminate the drive itself as the root of the problem.
  2. Have tried booting an old Slackware disc and it's not doing that either - it's like the computer doesn't see the DVD drive.
    Assuming there is support in the BIOS given an option exists there for a USB CD drive.
    The disc is a Windows 7 retail one - picked it up a few hours ago.

  3. Will the DVD drive boot any CD or DVD?
  4. wordjuggler said:
    The disc is a Windows 7 retail one - picked it up a few hours ago.
    Is that an Upgrade version?
  5. does your pc detects the usb-dvd drive?
    if not, for sure its a dvd drive problem.

    if the pc can detect the dvd... but still don't boot (assuming that you have a bootable os installer), double check the boot device priority and the dvd drive priorities(if you have more than 1 dvd drive).
  6. No, it's the full retail version. Also tried the drive and it wasn't recognised by the laptop either.

    The laptop is also running Ubuntu, but should that make a difference? Would have thought it was the BIOS that would deal with this.

  7. The DVD drive should be active BEFORE Ubuntu ever gets loaded.

    When you power on, tap on the F12 key until you see the Boot Device Menu.
    Does anything like the DVD/CD ROM drive show up there? If so try using that way in.
  8. Tried that... no joy. Starting to think the DVD is faulty - disappointing given it's new, and I was told Imation was a decent brand.
    To eliminate Ubuntu as a potential cause (and I can't really see how that could be the problem) I'm installing Windows on a laptop and seeing if that recognises the drive.
    Otherwise, back to the store it goes...

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