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Internet issue since Hurricane Sandy

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March 4, 2013 11:48:46 PM

Hi all.
Unfortunately, on the night Hurricane Sandy started, my computer was on and plugged in. I am aware that this fact alone makes me a bit of an idiot, but I can't change it now. Once we got power back I turned on my PC and was greeted with an internet connection issue. It was presented in the form of a yellow triangle over my network and sharing shortcut. This was the start of a long era of frustration, confusion, and anger caused by internet issues with my computer. Now to the details:

The error message I get after troubleshooting is "the connection between your access point, router, or cable modem and the internet is broken". I have Verizon Fios and I have a combo router and modem, and a wired connection. All other computers in my house, wired and wireless connections alike, work perfectly. My computer was the only one on during the outage, and the only one experiencing problems. It was surge protected, and I've ruled out the possibility of a hardware issue. I even replaced my ethernet card before realizing that the ethernet card was not the issue. I replaced my Realtek family controller (or some name like that) with a belkin network card. This did not solve the issue. The realtek family controller...thing... is disabled. My new ethernet card/network adapter is named "local area connection 2" by default.

I've fixed the problem temporarily by using a static IP (if my terminology isnt correct, i mean that I entered my ip, subnet mask, default gateway, etc, manually rather than setting it to automatically detect settings.) The internet problems arise immediately if I switch it back to "automatically detect settings". I've also gotten feedback from troubleshooting that my dhcp isnt enabled on my new network card, but dhcp doesnt work, so this isn't very useful feedback. Even with a static IP, the problem still randomly occurs, although much less frequently than it used to. The problem always arises when I open a program called PlayWith six, which displays a large amount of server names and info for an online game. My Skype, however, stays working. As I said, I'm connected to the internet still, but I cant surf the web or play online games. Whenever the problem arises, no matter the cause, I do have internet connection. there is sending and recieving going on. However, when i try to connect to a webpage, it says "sending request" and never loads. Sometimes it tells me that im connected to the network and not the internet.

My drivers are up to date, and I've uninstalled and reinstalled my ethernet card in the device manager on numerous occasions.

I've also ruled out the possibility of a virus, I've used multiple programs to ensure that I am virus free, on top of the fact that I scan all of my downloads as a precaution. I will still try any suggestions you all have in regards to a possible virus.

I've also tried a program alled winsock fixer. I've released and renewed the ip. Ive reset and restored the tcp/icp stack. I've been researching this issue for months, but I've finally given in and made my own personalized thread. I'm really stumped with this. I usually try to solve problems on my own with the info that google can provide, but this issue has completely and utterly defeated me. It happens pretty sporadically, and I'd be absolutely delighted and eternally grateful for a real, permanent fix.

Any suggestions/ideas will be acknowledged and appreciated, and any questions regarding my network configurations will be answered. Personally, I think something is corrupted software wise.

Thanks for reading, and for the response if you leave one


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