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Renters question about Vonage set up over wifi w/ a twist

January 10, 2013 2:52:10 AM

I have bundled utilities with the landlord which effectively means shared internet/electricity etc etc.
- INternet router is set up at the landlords premises
- Wifi set up is also right there (password to access has been shared with me)

Questions about Vonage Set up

Vonage device set up -
1a. does the device need to set up connected to a wired connection or can this be wireless set up via wifi?
1b. if the Vonage device is in fact set up to be connected via a wire connection does the phone device need to be connected at the same location as well?
im afraid that this will be at the landlords premises (hes on the first floor, me on the second) which will cause disturbance due to incoming calls

ALternatives to connection
2a. if an extended router connection is needed then where can I find that info reg set up?
2b. landlord wifi->extended router->vonage device+phone connected to extended router. is this configuration right?

please advise