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am STUCK. HP Pavilion 6735... No sound, the system read out indicates that there is no sound card on board.

System has a phoenix bios... integrated sound on mother board[no card] I tried removing sound functions under device manager, it rebooted and reloaded, still says no sound device. Error message reads to go to Add Hardware and install doesn't identify any uninstalled devices....

Any idea's would be appreciated....

It's my WIFE's Internet Computer...the last thing i want, when she's bantering with her friends is to be labelled 'computer challenged'
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  1. Check the Bios and make sure the onboard audio is enabled. if it is its possible either the speakers arent working or the sound chip is dead(more likely)
    Was it working and then suddenly stopped or what?
  2. Thank you...I did insure that the bios was enabled for sound.

    she had downlaoded a Yahoo upgrade...lost sound & color defaulted to 16 bit only...fixed the color by erasing and rebooting...
    sound..reinstalled the drivers from the install disk...still not working...
    says that there is no sound device on the system...
  3. Ahhh the old "Yahoo blew up my system trick"... uninstall yahoo (all of it) and then reinstall your sound drivers. See if you get sound back. If you do revert to your older version of messenger and ditch that silly toolbar.

    <b>(</b>It ain't better if it don't work.<b>)</b>
  4. You could do a full system restore using your system restore disk. I have a bitch stepdaughter who wanted to kill me for taking Yahoo off a system she was borrowing. The system was being used as a file server, I didn't want any junk software running.

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