TFT BenQ FP783 12ms

<i> The super-fast tool for super-fast gaming
Lightning-speed realized—12ms response time

The amazingly fast 12ms response time provides exceptionally fluid video without flickering and other visual effects; furthermore it reduces ghosting and jagged pixel effects, making it ideal for watching movies, streaming video, or playing games. For gamers, whether you are competing at 2 Fast 2 Furious, Counter-Strike, or NBA Live 2004 you can now experience an LCD monitor with super-fast response times to gain the edge over rivals!

Vision comes to life
High brightness and contrast offer extraordinarily clear sharpness

With a brightness of 310 cd/m2, 500:1 contrast ratio and a pixel pitch of 0.264mm you will experience photo realistic images.

Web conferencing

Adopting the FP783 for web conferencing of MSN is fast and simple - the optional webcam and SRS speaker plug straight into the monitor

More features
17” 1280x1024 high resolution
Detachable webcam with adjustable angle and focus (optional)
Detachable speakers with SRS surround sound effect (optional)
USB 2.0 port
D-Sub/DVI dual input


LCD Size 17"
Resolution (max.) 1280 x 1024
Pixel pitch 0,264 mm
Colours 16.2 million with dithering

Horizontal Frequency (Max) KHz 81
Vertical Frequency (Max)Hz 76
Video Bandwidth (MHz) 25~135
Viewing angle (H/V Degrees) CR≥10, 70/70/70/70
CR≥5, 80/80/80/80.
Display Area 337.9 x 270 mm
Contrast typ = 500:1 max = 600:1
Brightness typ = 300 cd/m² max = 310 cd/m²

Response time (tr/tf) <b>12 ms</b>
Colour temperature Reddish/sRG B/Bluish + user mode
MTBF (hr, exclude lamp) 40,000
Lamp life (hr) min 40,000
Input signal D-sub/DVI
Power Consumption (Max) 70W (max)
Power supply Adapter (90-264AV)
Power Saving Mode 3W
Net Weight 5.2 kg
Gross Weight 7 kg
CTN Dimensions (HxWxD) 570x495x186 mm
Dimensions (HxWxD) 398x387x250mm
Speaker Optional 2Wx2
USB Yes (USB 2.0)
VESA Wall Mounting No
Swivel No
Pivot No
OSD language 8
i-Key Yes
VGA and DVI cable Signal cable
Kensington Lock Yes </i>

Looks like a great new tft monitor nice design + specs.
/me cant find annyreviews is this monitor anygood?
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  1. i read the review on maximum PC regarding benq monitors and they failed it at both Image quality and response time. I currently have the top of the line Benq FP 951 with DVI and the image quality is utter crap. DVD looks bad with lots of noise and the colour is VERY washed out. I am returning this benq for either a NEC or Samsung.
  2. One LCD can be VERY different from another, even if by the same company. Your statement holds no relevance.

    SEX is like math. Add the bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs, and hope you dont multiply
  3. i said that Maximum PC failed the 12 ms benq model based on image quality and response time. I purchased the 19 inch Benq model thinking that probly the crappy image problem will not be present but unfortunately they are present. Exactly as described by maximum pc.

    Before you accuse someone, please read the post carefully.
  4. Hmm is this monitor worth to buy? For games etc?
  5. err,.. read JAYTO´s post to know the answer,... ¡NOT SUITABLE FOR GAMING NOR DVD!

  6. :( what is the best 17" monitor than?:(
  7. Quote:
    i read the review on maximum PC regarding benq monitors and they failed it at both Image quality and response time.

    Note the plural and lack of specification about which monitors. Try to be more explicit next time.

    SEX is like math. Add the bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs, and hope you dont multiply
  8. Well Flamethrower, lets see.... jayto was the 1st response to the initial post. The initial post was only about the BenQ FP783, so I think jayto was perfectly clear. And yes, you should read the post more carefully.
  9. lol, my point is that I am reading it carefully and it does not make sense then.
    It's pointless to continue arguing, but in the future, being a tad more specific can add infinite clarity to ambiguous statements.

    SEX is like math. Add the bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs, and hope you dont multiply
  10. whatever the case..Benq Suck, you know there is something wrong when a 19 inch LCD cost the same as 17 inch LCDs from Samsung and NEC.

    Mine 19 inch came with 3 dead pixel too, returning it next week.
  11. Not the case at all. It depends on many factors, how well the company designs the circuits being one of many. Would you use the same argument claiming that a 17" LCD w/ 20ms or 16 RT is worse than a 15" that uses older tech and is thus harder to produce (and therefore more expensive)?

    Realize though, that the quest for a good LCD is far from over. Viewing angle, contrast, oversaturation, response time, etc. are still highly problematic so when (if) you buy an LCD, you need to be lenient. I'm sticking with a CRT as my main for right now, maybe in a few years if 20 inchers are good enough I'll buy a few.
    Anyway, best of luck choosing an LCD!

    SEX is like math. Add the bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs, and hope you dont multiply
  12. MM version 701 € of this
  13. It should be common knowledge to anyone who frequents this site that most lcd monitors are just repackagings of the same panel. Panel, ultimately, is what counts. Benq is, I believe, the owner of AU Optronics (or the other way around), so in all likelihood they are using the AUO 12ms panel. AUO only has one 12ms panel. Therefore, if you read the review of the Benq 767-12 vs. Samsung 172x, you'll find the answers you're looking for. For those who claim the specs are different, look more carefully at "typical" and "max". The monitor doesn't seem all that bad, but not the best out there.
  14. Where did you hear this FP783? I searched around on web but only find comments in Europe or China. The design is quite nice. The stand and curve are very eye catching. I think it won some award in CES. About the display quality, I agree with you that Panel is the key.
  15. maximum PC magazine orso
  16. Do you have that page in English?
  17. Go to and click "translate". Then copy and paste the THG URL and translate from french to whatever you want.
  18. What is the difference between the 767 and 783? Other than the DVI? Do they use the same panel? I read some report on the net that the 783 has a native resolution of 1024*768 and 767 has 1280*1024 but the benq website lists both at 1280*1024. And the 783 costs more so how could it be worse?

    I'm looking for a good TFT for home use. With good colors, good interpolation and decent response time. I'm not a hardcore gamer and don't play a lot of fast 3D games, but when I play I wan't it to be atlest playable. Would 783 be suitable for me? Samsung 172X would be an option but the availability is bad and THG tests declared 783 to be better altough the interpolation was better. How about Hyundai Q17S? It would be cheaper and uses the hydis-panel with fast response time? But is it worse in other aspects? Colors isn't that good and how about interpolation? Any other recommendations?

    I tried to translate that link but it's unreadable. Anyone with skills in french? I would be really happy if I could get a quick english summary about the 783.
  19. They had a web cam goes with this monitor. It seems to be a cool idea for Messenger.
  20. It's optional... Nice idea but costs 50€ extra. Not worth it I think...
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