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I've moved to an area where the only 'high speed' internet available is via satellite which to me is not sufficient enough for anything than e-mail; and I'm not staying here long enough to justify the purchase of the satellite equipment ($200+ installation) and the ridiculous monthly fee.

So, because I plan to set up a long distant network between my brother and I (to share our music collection and whatnot) when I finally do move into town and get a true high speed connection, I am looking at purchasing a parabolic grid or panel antenna now which I can use to grab my neighbors internet that is about 300 feet away (don't worry, I have permission, he's my uncle).

Right now, I have a D-Link DIR655.
My motherboard also has a built-in wireless NIC card. Both use RP-SMA connectors. The signal from my DIR655 dies just as I get to his door and I can't really move the router any closer; it's more about what the signal is having to penetrate - thick walls and a metal roof and where his modem is located is partially underground but I think I can get a semi-LOS and with the narrow beam of a parabolic antenna, it may just work. I just know what all I need or what method of connecting is best?

So if I get this grid/panel antenna, could I connect it to my DIR655 (which has 3 antenna but I vaguely read that I could connect it to one of three (using 802.11 N) and it'd work?! Or do I place the router over where the modem is and connect the antenna directly to my computers wireless NIC card and aim it to the routher+modem? The only issue with deciding which antenna to buy is the connectors. The grids use N-female which I don't have but I could use an adapter which would probably cause some loss?! Here are the devices:



Either way I'll use the antenna, so it won't be a waste to buy it, but I have nothing better to do around here, being in the middle of nowhere, other than try to find a job so I can move out of here but I need access to internet regularly to look for a job (it's a pain in the butt having to go over to my uncles all the time and I feel like I'm intruding on his time, etc.) I don't even have a car to get to town but if I can get work, I think I'll be back on track.

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  1. I like these devices better. They have the antenna and the electronics in the same unit and the can mount outdoors. Much better than worrying loss in the cable and how to hook up antenna and how you get it mounted outside and keep the electronics dry. These list price for $60 and are easy to align they have light to tell you when you have the max signal strength.

    These are hooked up with ethernet cables to your router/pc

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