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FS: Studio, Live SR, and Guitar Equipment

Last response: in Home Audio
January 29, 2005 4:45:04 AM

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1. Allen & Heath GR1. 1RU Stereo 6-ch mic preamp-line mixer
w/switchable compression. New B-Stock. $350

2. Electrovoice ELX-1A. 1RU Mono 4-ch mic preamp-mixer w/limiter.

3. Ashly MQX-1310. 1RU 31-band graphic equalizer. New. $160

4. Rane ME-15B. 1RU Dual 15-band graphic equalizer. $95

5. Rane PE-17. 1RU 5-band parametric equalizer plus HPF/LPF. New.

6. ART Tube Parametric EQ. 1/2RU 4-band semi-parametric tube
equalizer w/gain, 1Mohm DI, onboard PS. $90

7. Behringer HA4600. 1RU 4-ch headphone amp. Works fine, but noisy
mute switch. $20

8. Presonus MP20. 1RU 2-ch mic preamp-mixer. w/Burr-Brown opamps.

9. Ashly BP-41. 1RU Guitar/bass preamp-equalizer w/parametric mid,
notch, crossover. Geddy Lee classic. $175

10. BBE 386. 1RU Guitar preamp-enhancer-semi-parametric equalizer,
w/notch filter. $90

11. Fishman Platinum Pro. Guitar preamp-DI-semi-parametric equalizer.

12. BSS AR-133. Active DI, phantom or battery powered. New. $110

13. Behringer EX3200 Ultrafex Pro. 1RU Stereo Enhancer. New. $60

14. BBE DI-100. 1/3RU DI-Sonic Maximizer, w/9v PS. $60

15. Dunlop Uni-Vibe Stereo Chorus. FX pedal. New. $75

16. Aphex Acoustic Xciter. Enhancer pedal. New. $90

17. Boss OC-3. Polyphonic octave pedal. New. $65

18. Boss GE-7B. Guitar/Bass DI-graphic equalizer pedal. New. $50

19. MXR M88. Octave pedal. New. $65

20. Digitech RP50. Multi-FX pedal. New. $40

21. LR Baggs M1. Acoustic guitar magnetic pickup. New. $95

22. Fishman Acoustic Matrix Natural I. Internal acoustic guitar preamp
and 9/32 inch undersaddle pickup. $60

23. MXL V57M. Large diaphragm condenser mic, w/stand mount. New.
Two available. $45 each

24. Electrovoice N/D757B. Supercardioid dynamic mic. $75

25. Burr-Brown OPA627AP Opamps (3). Fits Presonus MP20, others. New.
All three for $25

26. SKB Popup Mixer Case. 12RU, ratchet tilt. $95

Can't trade right now, just selling. Most "New" items include
original packaging. All equipment includes necessary power supplies,
cords, etc., is in excellent condition, and functions perfectly unless
specifically noted.
Email with any questions. Thanks.

January 30, 2005 1:23:42 AM

Archived from groups: (More info?)

Thanks for responses so far. These items are sold:

7. Behringer HA4600
23. MXL V57M (2)
24. Electrovoice N/D757B
25. Burr-Brown OPA627AP Opamps (3)
All else still available. Thanks for looking,