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I am looking for a bootable antivirus that supports RAID. I am afraid I have a root-kit on my system as Microsoft Security Essentials keeps quarantining the Trojan Sirefef.y. I have done scans within windows using both MSE and Malwarebytes and everything is clean yet the Trojan keeps coming back. I have tried many bootable antiviruses like AVG rescue, and Avira Rescue system but none can recognise my primary disk as it is in RAID. Any solutions? Experiences with this virus?
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  1. what if you booted off of an Ubuntu or Fedora Live thumbdrive? You should be able to access your raid array then and you can even install an antivirus scanner to the live OS and scan your drives.
  2. I had thought of that. I have a old Ubuntu 10 disk laying around so I tried but it was not recognizing the array. I will admit that I have little experience with Linux so I am not sure if there is a package I must get to get them running. Looking at my mobos site they don't have any support for Linux either.
  3. Old thread, but one of the first page results from my Google search so I hope it's still relevant to others too!

    Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 has added RAID support recently. And it's still a free download...
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