I just must be mad

Last year I bought a new PC from what I thought was a reputable dealer. After reading some of the posts in the forums I realised there must be something wrong with me. I knew very little about PCs then and thought the bloke at the other end of the phone did(he does own the business). A lesson was learnt and I won't take advice from someone trying to sell me something again.
My PC has a MSI 815EP Pro(MS-6337)v3 motherboard and an ASUS V7700 Pure/Deluxe AGP card. On their own these two work fine, but together, I'm lucky the machine even runs. Well it doesn't really when you can be doing nothing (desktop) and get errors like "Explorer caused a general protection fault in module GDI.EXE at 0001:0000878a" and then every other program that is running will get a similar error. Then I get the "Blue Screen Of Death" with the only option the restart button. Scan disk finds no errors. reinstall don't change it. I've tried drivers and BIOS updates too. It will do it with only Win98SE or WinME (I've tried both)and the device drivers loaded(no programs). I have had the same support problems as everyone else with MSI and ASUStek. No returned emails and disconnected when I phoned and asked for English. The MSI website has compatability tests, my combo says "Shows Garbages" but you have to get the program to run before you can see the garbage.
I have returned this PC to its place of purchase several times and they replace old for new but the same combo. They can't work out why it crashes and they aren't wanting to hear that a PC they built has incompatible parts in it. I think they are sick of hearing from me because they are starting to get nasty, my cd-rom died (under warranty) and they replaced it but i had a creative 52x ata100 and they replaced it with an ACER 52x ata33. I don't think this is right. Does this slow all my other drives which are all ata100? As you can tell I have some real problems and anyone who can help it would be muchly appreciated. I'm at the point of tearing out my hair. oh I need the TV in/out of the AGP card and I'm on a very tight budget as I'm still paying for this lemon.
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  1. for one thing cd roms are ata 33 all of them. i think one dvd drive might be ata 66

    your going to have a hard time finding a chip video card with go tv in and tv out.
  2. It used to come up on the post screen as ata 100 now it is ata 33. My neighbours is a 52x ata 66, it comes up on his post screen too at startup. This thing and his must be real heaps of @$#* if the post screen reports the drives incorrectly. I'm no expert but I can read. The ASUS card is good and I would prefer to change the motherboard for another one with the same features as the MSI board. What mainboards with raid fuction can I get for the Pentium III 1.0Gig processor that will handle the ASUS V7700?
  3. Go to ResellerRatings.Com and be sure to post your experience with this company! We need to forwarn to the consumers of the bad guys...we would appreciate if someone did for us!

    As for a P3/1g board that will handle the V7700...the FSB on that, is it 133? What kind of memory are you using?

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  4. What Motherboard?

    Processor: Pentium III 1.0Ghz
    Chipset: 815EP
    FSB: 133Mhz
    Memory Bus: 133Mhz
    Memory Module: SDRAM x 3
    Min RAM: 1GB
    AGP: 4x
    PCI slots: min 2
    ATA100 interfaces: 2
    P/S2 ports: 2
    USB ports: 2
    Serial ports: 2
    Parallel ports: 1

    System info

    *Pentium III 1Ghz
    *3x Kingmax 256MB SDRAM
    *Seagate 40G 7200rpm ata100
    *floppy drive
    *12x8x32 Acer CD/RW
    *Acer 52x CDROM
    *ASUS V7700 Pure/Deluxe (tv in/out)
    *Soundblaster live 4.1
    *300W "OMNI" Tower
    *A4 Tech Scroll Mouse, P/S2
    *Printer (BJC6500) and Scanner (1220U) on USB
    *Parallel port and Joystick port used by Joystick
    *Modem in Serial port 1

    This should give everyone a better idea of what I'm looking for.
    Thankx for the help.
  5. Abit's ST6 can be purchased from $90-100, no raid, but you only have 3 IDE devices anyway, with only one hard drive. If you decide to go raid, a high performance PCI chip may give you better results anyway. Or get the raid option for like $10 on that same board.

    Doesn't seem like there's that great a selection for the P3's...I've been looking for my puny little 533 a new mobo...not much to pick from these days (compared to the others).

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  6. I have been offered an ASUS CUSL2 by the shop who sold me the PC after threatening them with consumer affairs.
    This board sounds OK apart from the max of 512 MB of RAM. Are there any known issues between this mainboard and the ASUS V7700 AGP card? I Checked out the Abit card, it sounds like another good option. Probably the only option to the ASUS board.
    Thanks for your help.
  7. I have a CUSL2-C board and it is good.

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  8. yeah .. mine is still up and runnin' ( donated to the stepkids and bride.. keeps em off my main system) never had a problem with it and it OC's pretty well


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  9. God that sounds horrible. I think more people should stop trusting all of those rogue companies out there and read ratings of resellers first! There are some web sites out there that look fancy but were designed by only one man who runs the business out of his garage or something. I recently even came across one such company. It was a fantastic looking site, better than most. But the ratings of it were HORRIBLE.

    I think the majority of people are uninformed about the number of places you can check out resellers at to prevent yourself from being deliberately scammed and the lessen the chance that an RMA will take 3 months to process.
  10. Yes, down with the FRAUDS! CNETPC needs to go first. Computer geeks is not far behind, though I don't consider them frauds, because I think they just don't have enough intelligence to know how to do anything right.

    Did I say that outloud?

    Thanks again for your crappy service COMPGEEKS! And responding to emails that completely ignored my questions, and acting as if I was a liar when I continuously attempted to notify you that the return was not posted on my account, and not putting any effort into the situation until a third party became involved...


    me Thinks I'll start a new thread on this topic...

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