What's your favourite strategy game?

Hello everyone,

I haven't got a chance to play any strategy game lately, so I don't know which games are good. I used to play Starcraft and Red Alert. I like these kind of games.

So, what are strategy game are you playing? Is it good? forgot to mention, I don't like turn-base strategy games. Real time games rock!

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  1. Red Alert 2 has very creative units (especially with the Yuri's Revenge expansion).

    Otherwise, I don't know. I'm not too much into strategy games.

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  2. Wouldn't know...I still play Starcraft!

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  3. Age of Empires 2 has got to figure into the equation, somewhere. Red Alert 2 is good, at least, the part I've played is. Technically speaking, Xcom Apocalypse *can* be real-time, but it's more like we-took-out-the-pause-code kind of RTS.

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  4. Lords of the Realm II.... I just had to say it. It's an awesome game. Sure it's not a nice as some of the newer games. But It's a classic. Oh and if I had to pick one besides Lords of the realm II it would be Red Alert 2 that game rocks.

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  5. Hm... that game was pretty cool!

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  6. StarCraft (2) is always a good one, but it's TOO balanced if you ask me, and it gets annoying because of that.
    Therefore (with appx 5 additional addon units) Total Annihilation w/the Core Contingency is the best RTS out there.

    I know it's old, but it is still the best by far.
  7. I still like C&C series. They are quite fun.

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  8. Starcraft, AOE2 and Myth. Myth and Starcraft are a bit dated now but Myth has a new sequal coming up that's looking pretty good.

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  9. I'd agree with several here - RA2 and AOE2 are great.

    I also like the Homeworld games - mostly strategy and immensely good eye candy. Didn't get on so well with Cataclysm though...

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  10. Age of Empires 2 and Emperor Battle for Dune are two great games
  11. Until things start really moving towards 3d, Age of Empires II is probably the best of the genre. Your preference may depend on the "theme" you like ie future warefare, medevial etc. Provided you don't have some hatred of the "theme" then you'll find AOE II to be the best.

    If you dig turned based strategy try some of the Panzer General series. Just be prepared to get your butt kicked until you figure all the details out (terrain, weather, entrenchment, fire support, logistics, troop experience, air support yada yada...)
  12. Red Alert 2 is my favorite!

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  13. Glad to know you recommend red alert 2, just ordered it for the family for christmas. Have not Yuri's revenge, but now will think seriously of getting it.


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  14. My favorite is turn based and is about 7 years old now. It's called Master of Magic. Hardly anyone has played it because the origional version was pushed out the door to meet a deadline, and was too buggy to play. It crashed every few seconds.

    Well, they patched it and got it so that it almost never crashes, but by then it was too late. Too bad cause it was excellent for it's time (it's DOS based). Kinda like Civ1 except with Magic as well as technology involved, and much better combat.

    My favorite real-time stratagy is Myth2. It beats the pants off of Age of Empires 2, which everyone where I work is crazy about.

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  15. Actually i have played red alert and c&c a lot. Have also played it on my two pc lan, the two kids rooms are networked. Family lan playing is really ah, COOL, we laugh ourselves silly and go totally beeserk. You know, i just make men & dogs and my kid comes over and makes rasberry jam all over the place with her tank swaddrom. Squich, squich. hi hi
    Half Life, not strategy perhaps, was awesoom. EAX (you know, the SB version) made it scarry as hell.
    Hey, you red alert people out there, does your game freeze sometimes after you finished a mission and the score is adding up ?
    Really, i have installed red alert on my different sys and on all it sometime does this. Have never identified the culprit if not simply that pcs were not created for games.
    Are there win98 drivers or sys files at Westwood, my red alert is win95 compatible i believe but have win98 se.


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  16. Did anyone tried "Empire Earth"? A friend has been telling me to get it, but I am not sure if i want to waste $60 on it if it sucks.
  17. I'm going to get Empire Earth tonight after work. I loved AOE2 and the Conquerors expansion.

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  18. There are a couple of 3d real time strategy games that have been out for a while. I wonder why no one has mentioned them. Theres Homeworld, its sequel is not as good but still mentionable. Thers also the Earth Project 2150 which has excellent graphics. I think that blizzard is suppose to be coming out with Warcraft 3 which will be a combination of RTS and RPG. And of course the classics, C&C, Red Alert, Civ2...
  19. I've got Empire Earth and it's cool. Only gripe is that one hour of game time is really 4 hours of real life time hehe.

    Lyrics. Wasted time between solos.
  20. Has anyone else tried Ground Control ?


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  21. Mine is Civ I,II,III Age of Empires etc.

  22. Learning curve too high.


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  23. I dont believe I only saw 1 other person that recomended Total Annihilation! TA is an excelent stratagy game, it may be dated but the sheer volume of unit and the great AI (if u download the free third party add on TAUIP 2.1) is excelent. Ok so the missions r nothing to shout about but if u just want to do skirmishes or play multiplayer (2 players verses the computer is excelent with the add-on). The game has loads of units to begin with but with add-ons such as TAUIP metioned earlier u can have 400+! The music is very attmoseferic and the armys and battle scenes truely epic, far better than the little skirmishs u get on C&C type games which can sometimes last a whole minite! TA may b old but it still has its charm.
  24. Ignore my previous post. I just picked up Empire Earth over the weekend...it's just plain massive. I'm betting if you played a single game start to finish it would take you a week if you stopped only to eat and sleep.

    It's what AOE 2 *should* have been.
  25. Do you mean like one of the 4 campaigns straight through or one of the 8 missions in each campaign. I could probably do a campaign in 2 days with only eating and sleep(no work) that is of course if my brain didn't fry first. The other day I finally got back to playing it and I took down 2 missions in an hour and a half, it made my head swim a little.

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  26. No no. That's easy stuff.

    Start a random map like so:
    Largest Map,
    Maximum Population Cap (1200 units shared among players)
    You and One computer Ally VS 3 indiviuals
    Starting age: Prehistoric
    Final Age: Nano

    When you are done, your eyes will be bleeding.
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