Pro tools session ptf won't open

Saved my pro tools session on my Mac G5 tower. Had dinner came back to open up the session. Pro Tools opens but as the session begins to open it shuts down. No error codes.

All of my my recent backups behave the same way. My backup from six hours ago opens as do all other pro tools sessions. Anybody ever have anything like this happen? Hope I can find a work around or six hours of editing goes down the drain.
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  1. Sounds like either a font issue, or a disk permissions problem. Cmd+I on the file and make sure you have the permissions to open the file (read & write). If that seems intact, go to spotlight (magnifying glass in the upper right hand side) and search for fontbook. Once there make sure you select all fonts, then select verify fonts from the advanced options menu (it'll look like a gear). Please post if either of these work for you.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I solved the issue a few days ago. Created a new session and imported tracks from the original session one at a time. Finally isolated the problem track. It was an Aux w/ delay plugin. The delay preset was one that I had downloaded from another engineer. For some reason the preset was locked at 120 bpm. My session was @ 93. Thus the glitch. After jotting down the settings, I deleted the preset from the plugin settings folder of the original session. Added a new aux to the w/ the delay setting. All is well with original session and I now have a backup. Hope this helps somebody.
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