need help to make a decision

i am turning my attention to this forums cause i think u pple here can help me out
i am thinking of buying a ps2 but the reason i am hessitant is that i already own a pc and i kinda like flashy graphics so i was not sure if ps2 is going to satisfy my quality gfx needs.
if no than what r ur thoughts bout XBOX in comparison to ps2
apart from its online play is it woth buying does it have good games libarary and what its future goin to be?
i will definately love to c ur comments

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  1. The PS2 has a huge selection of games but the X-Box is more powerfull and does offer better graphics. It really does depend on what kind of games you want to play though. Personnally I would keep my money and stay with the PC, but im in to RTS and Sim games which the PC does best.

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  2. I've got an Xbox, works a treat
    It's also the only one to have a harddisk. This gives you lots of extra options, like saving without memorycards (which break easier than a HD, at least with my friends PS1) and other things like music during games, etc.
    And if you get Xbox live you get downloadable content as well.
    I don't know about the PS2 but if you have a HD TV the Xbox is capable of showing higher resolutions. (I must emphasize I know nothing of this as we can't get such TV's in Europe, just pointing it out so you can check it)
    And the way it seems Xbox live is going to be cheaper than the PS2 online functions.

    So in conclusion the Xbox gives more options, but at the cost of having less games(>200 if I'm right). And you should look at the games you want to play.

    I'm happy with the Xbox (as you might have noticed from the above) so I'm biased.
    And another thing is that I defenitly prefer the controler over that of the PS2.
    If you have never played on a console or with a joypad you might want to try this before buying any console, some love it, some hate it. I find it easier on the wrists than a mouse but a little less quick.


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