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I just bought the Logitech MX500 Corded mouse. At first, it was a pain in the ass to get installed with all of the driver issues I was having in addition to the fact that my 3M precise mousing surface was acting up. Although I still have issues with my MouseWare software not saving information sometimes, I still enjoy the precision of the mouse.

Anyways, I noticed in my flyer for a retail store that the MX700 cordless version is now $10 cheaper than what I paid for the MX500. Would it be worth it to return my mouse in exchange for the MX700, or stick with my good old corded version? In all honesty, my corded does the trick just fine. The cord doesn't get in the way, and recharging seems like it would be a bit of a chore. I just need to know if some of you other folks who made the jump to wireless have noticed any improvements in mousing.
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  1. The MX700 is a great cordless mouse and is fast enough to be used for games. Recharging isn't an issue because you just sit it in it's cradle at the end of the day and it's totally recharged the next day (it'll go at least a couple of days on a charge anyway). The big downside I found is that because of the batteries it is very heavy as mice go. I use my computer alot and found that after about a month of use I'd developed a strained/sore right shoulder which I'm still recovering from. Anyway, since it was too late to return it I bought a MX500 and hooked them both up at once. I configure and use the 500 for games and the 700 for desktop stuff and the Mouseware software seems to alow it (I've tried 2 mx500's but the Mouseware didn't work). I have had to reload the software once so far to re-configure things so hopefully that's just a one off thing.
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