Urgent Help : Audigy 2 and Source Problem


I need your help

I am using WinXp + Creative Media Source + Cd digital only in Surround Mixer
Master Control.

Problem :

When I play an Audio Cd in the Surround Mixer the Source selected is Wave /
MP3 .


Then I unchecked this source and I select Cd digital ( or even cd audio )
there is no sound.


I am playing cd´s from my DVD-Rom drive which is connected via digital-out
to my audigy 2 soundcard.
My audigy 2 is connected via digital out to my Fps2000 digital speakers.

Am I getting the best sound?

Why can I not select Cd digital in surrond Mixer ?

Thanks in advance

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  1. EdglerVess the CD digital I THINK (I'm not sure) is for a CD player or other digital source that's conected to the card's digital input via a digital opical or electrical cable (digital input not found on ordinary Audigy/2 boards IIRC, only found on Platinum and Platinum eX versions with the Audigy/2 internal or external breakout box).

    If not that, it may be the case that you have digital playback for audio CDs enabled in your drive's properties so no audio is actually transferred via that cable between the DVD drive and the sound card and instead -taking the path of any other kind of data- via the IDE cables to the mainboard, CPU, to the sound card, etc. That explains why you get the sound via the 'Wave/mp3' source.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by r2k on 02/22/03 11:08 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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