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I'm setting up a new system on a slightly dated motherboard that only supports AGP 4x. What's the best video card out there for AGP 4x? At this point, money is not an option, the parts go down on a wish list that I'll buy a piece at a time.

If possible, I'd prefer the card have a the ability to do tv capture, and also the ability to output to an LCD display.

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  1. Well, for AGP 4x, it's got to be GF4 Ti4600. If you want to do tv capture and to output to an LCD display, then get a Ti4600 with vivo feature.
  2. If price REALLY isnt a factor then the Ti4600 is best, but the Ti4200 is barely behind it, and can be found for just $100. I have one on an outdated motherboard and I can turn all of the settings to the max without any problems. I went to the PNY website after I got my card, and they said that the Ti4600 was only 6% faster than my card. That really isn't worth the extra $150.

  3. The best AGP4x card is the ATI Radeon 9700 Pro. You didn't think this card was 4x? It's 2x too! It autoswitches for compatability. Don't believe me? Look at Tom's CPU charts, you'll see boards as old as Socket 7 using the 9700 Pro. In fact, he tested a Pentium 166 MMX with a 9700 Pro.

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  4. All current AGP 8X cards are backwards compatible. There won't be much performance loss(if any) if you use it in 4x mode. 8x is really just a gimmic to make people feel that is faster.
  5. Yeah, I overlooked the fact that AGP 8X is backward compatible. :smile:
  6. Best card, simple, AIW 9700pro.
    It's got every video editing festure you will get from a consumer card. Plus it's the best gaming Graphics graphics card too. All for just a little more that a stock 9700pro.
    Now the question is are you worthy? Or is it worth it? :tongue:
    Would you do just as well with an AIW 8500?
    However the BEST of the BEST is the AIW9700. For Now!

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  7. If money isn't an option...go for the ATI 9700 Pro or 9800 Pro. If money is an option, wait for a few more weeks and watch the price of the Geforce4 TI 4600 creep down to around 150 bucks then rip that puppy up. I've seen that card overclocked out the arse and pushing the envelope when it comes to Vid Cards. Honestly I can't say much about the ATI 9700 Pro since I don't own one. But I will say that if you don't want to spend 300 bucks on the 9700 Pro and want to spend half as much for a card that you can OC out the arse...go for the TI 4600. I myself, despite loving ATI ever since the 7500 All in Wonder came out, still go with Nvidia for my main graphics cards. I guess I just like the drivers a bit better and am familiar with the OC abilities. There's my 1 and a half cents worth.

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