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Woke up this morning and the PC was in sleep mode. I woke it up, and it stopped loading with the screen still blacked out. numlock light wasn't lit, pressing it didn't cycle the light on or off, so I reset the computer. It attempted to resume windows 7 and halted with a black screen and a blinking cursor. Reset again, this time telling it to dump and win 7 loaded, but when the background came on, although the monitors said that 2% of the processor and 34% of the memory was in use, the system was running extremely sluggishly (couldn't click on anything, ctrl+alt+del made a black screen that eventually gave me an alert box that said a couple of options were unavailable). This computer has an SSD with win 7 x64 on it and a standard hard drive with Vista 32 on it, so I opened it up on the vista drive in safe mode and ran a scan with mcafee, which found nothing on the SSD. I am unsure whether the 32 bit scanner could actually see problems on a drive with a 64 bit OS on it though, so I am posting my question here. The hardware is all fairly new, drivers are up to date, and I run Symantec on Win 7, which I guess should have caught any malware. Does this sound more like I got a virus/worm or is this more of a problem from cycling the power this morning? Thanks in advance.
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  1. The problem...went away on its own. I switched back to the Win 7 boot and attempted to restart in safe mode. It auto-restarted, so I disabled auto restart on failure, and it started win 7 in normal mode running as if nothing had happened. I guess the problem is solved. Ran a Norton scan which detected no problems on the SSD or my storage drive, and everything is running fine. Maybe I'll pick up a separate spyware utility like the ones stickied at the top of the page, just in case..and disable auto-sleep mode
  2. I had the same problem loading Windows 7. The installation was almost complete and then stalled. The message read that I didn't have enough capacity. I restarted my computer several times without any success. I called Microsoft support. The Tech, which I could hardly understand, told me to use the custom installation instead of the upgrade installation. He did warn me I would lose everything but implied they could manage to restore it. After wiping out everything on my computer he decided to check the capacity of my computer. He determined, after erasing all of my software and personal information, my computer had plenty of capacity for an upgrade. Why he didn't do that in the first place would have saved me a lot of trouble and in some cases more money. Incidently, I'm still running into issues thanks to improper advice. I had Vista and I can only say I wish I would have never heard of Windows 7. Bottom line nothing could be restored. Microsoft after several discussions did agree to replace "Office Small Office". Most recently, under devices, a warning sign is displayed on the computer icon. I ran the trouble shooting feature and get the message "unable to locate driver for PCI Simple Communications Drive". I never had this message before and I do have, 1 PCI Express x 1, 4 SATAII.
  3. Sleep mode on desktops especially with nvidia products never work

    You should test your hardware to see if you have any faults and disable sleep and hybrid sleep modes

    And WHY do people do UPDATE - its useless and messy and discusting seriously do a FRESH INSTALL - 10000x better, microsoft should have never allowed the update option its rubbish.
  4. Thanks for the info. I'll give it a try.
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