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i have been playing Battlefield play4free for awhile now and it used to be that i could play on the euro servers with a ping that hit 150 at most 175 i am in the east coast so i know this is very good but now even when i try to play on the east coast i get a ping of 200+ can someone please tell me why this could be happening also in the euro servers my ping is now running 350+ and i do not know why its doing this
i have a speedtest and ping test here as wellthis is the speed test http://www.speedtest.net/result/2554688906.png
and this is the pingtest
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  1. Is the computer that you are using to play attached to the router with a cable or are you using wireless? Your speedtest and pingtest look okay. It could just be that their servers are overloaded since it is free online play.
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