NetGear wna1000m gives BSOD: 0x80004001 on first try, second time not found

Bought a netgear wna1000m n150 wireless usb adapter. Installation stops afte Netgear Genie asks me to insert the adapter and installation program trying to find the adapter but after a dozen or so seconds I get the message that the adapter was not detected. No more blue screens, that’s a positive. The sound card gives the same clonking sound that I get every time when inserting or removing any USB devices.

My old Netgear WG111v3 gives the same stop: 0x80004001 blue screen. I used it for a cpl of years ago on this system and then it worked fine but I suspect that the OS was Windows XP those days.
During the intervening years I had a Philips wireless card that has come to the end of its earthly life so therefore this wna1000m now.

Computer has no problems except for the above mentioned and the adapters work on other machines.

Windows 7 SP1 updated to the latest
Asustek M4N68T Pro
AMD Athlon II X4 640 cpu
GeForce 9800GT
6GB memory
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