My WiFi won't connect!! What's going on?!?!?

So all day yesterday and now all day today, I've been unable to get WiFi (from my house) on my computer; I am however able to get the WiFi from 1 1/2 blocks away to work. I KNOW I didn't forget to pay the bill or anything cuz my cable is working and I KNOW I'm putting in the correct password. Every time I put in the password and hope it works, it like tries to get internet but then says 'connection timeout'. What's going on and why can't I use my own WiFi?!?!?!?!?!
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  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Could you please let me know a little bit more information so that I can try and help?

    1. What device are you trying connect to the Wi-Fi and what operating system is it running?
    2. Have you tried directly connecting your device to the wireless router with a network cable to see if the internet works that way?
    3. Could you post the exact error message what you get when it Doesn't allow you online?


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