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I have a new build(my first computer I put together myself). I will be turning it on first the first time in a few days and would like to have some opinions on a good anti-virus for when i put in windows 7. I don't wont anything that has a high cost just something cheap and reliable.
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  1. MSE, AVG Free, Avast
  2. Microsoft security essentials and malwarebytes, both free.
  3. There is no defacto standard for the best anti-malware/virus program, but i use Malwarebytes as well as Avast both are free and reliable.
  4. I've been using NOD32 (and lately Smart Security) for years, never had any problems whatsoever.
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    avast antivirus is amazing and you should also download malwarebytes anti malware... you will be completely protected with those two
  6. Thanks so much to all of you I will be using your advise. I wish i could select each person for best answer but im going to pick someone just to end the topic.
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