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I am currently having issues with my system recovery for windows 7. I have a partition on my computer for system recovery to its original state. Some how there were some drivers that got deleted or something happened to make the computer only have limited access to the internet, my audio stopped working, as well as the usb ports would read the mouse and keyboard but would fight to recognize my external hard drives. So i figured I would do a system restore on the computer by simply hitting F8 and running it in safe mode as I couldnt use the backup feature due to what ever got deleted. It went through the restore process and then at the end (or what i would assume to me be the end) during the software install stage it will make it to what would appear to be 99% done and continuously try and load the last parts before it finishes and states that the recovery was incomplete. I have ran diagnostics on the computer hardware (F2) durring the start up and everything seems to pass just fine. Also when the System recovery incomplete tab comes up if i choose to see the log i can see the windows screen in the background as well as log onto the internet which I wasnt able to do before. So something was fixed in the process as i couldnt log onto the net before and now i can log into windows lol. Im stuck and could use some advice as to how to fix it. I am a poor college student that needs this computer and cant afford to get a new one lol. Please assist if your able :)
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  1. Ouch, nasty stuff. It might be a good idea to reinstall the whole Operating System. Hopefully your files were backed up. If you don't have the Windows 7 CD, maybe you can find something online to put onto a DVD or USB and boot from it on the bad computer.
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