Original SB Live! problems in XP, I need some help

Well, I have a few glitches that need a fixing.

1: I have the original SB Live! Sound Card (released in like 98), u know the one with a daughterboard and gold plated connectors. Please do not confuse this with a SB Live! Value!

After multiple emails to the whizzbang crack technical team of morons at Creative, I still haven't got a fix for these things.
And thats when I actually get a reply..

--- Problemo's

a) Whenever I start up windows, even though I have saved the presets, I can only hear sound from the two front speakers of my FPS2000 Digital Speakers (I am using the DIN, not the L/R Analogue plugs, but either way the same thing happens)
If I go into the speaker/mixer settings, it shows that my speakers are actually on 4-speaker mode, which is what I saved it as, but as I said, I can only hear the two front speakers.

If I select 4-speaker mode again in the program, it just makes a thud sound in the left rear speaker, and nothing changes (still on 2 front speakers) the way to fix it is to select 2-speaker mode, and then select 4-speaker mode again and whalla! It works.

Does anyone know why this happens and how to fix it?

*This is a re-occurring problem, happens virtually every time I restart windows (I dont have any proggys affecting it's speaker mode)

b) I have the drivers from the Creative Website. The only set that is available. My soundcard is only being detected and installing as a SB Live! Value! (WDM) Why is this considering it's a fully-fledged SB Live??? I have no idea why it's so difficult for these companies to make drivers for their products. WinXP and Win2K has been a nightmare with everything, but 98SE was perfect, never had a problem.

c) Possibly linked to the problem above it the fact that the gameport on the soundcard is not being detected, and will not install. So basically I can't use my joystick and haven't been able to since Windows 98SE, I really wanna play BF1942 with a Joystick...

2: Battlefield

--- Problemo's

a) Does anyone else get severe frame skipping in this game?
I know that 256mb of Ram is like minimum, 512 is still barely enough (fixes that chokey damn menu).
I read in other posts that is you have hardware acceleration on you soundcard enabled this may be a problem, but the thing is I don't. I have the bare essentials on to play the game.

Has anyone come up with answers?

b) Clipping distances...
I see in game screenshots of this game and the amount of distance clipping is minimal. Basically the fog of war hides it.
I am running the game on 1024x768@16bpp and even if a building or object is only a short distance away, I get bad graphical clipping.
However I have the clipping distance set t0 100%???

Anywon else got problems like this?

Any help will be much appreciated, thanks for looking.
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  1. PLeasE help me and this bump
  2. What CPU / motherboard /chipset is in your system?

    One thing I've done with a number of Creative cards (live's included) is to hunt down *old* drivers. About a year ago they switched driver developement to an outside source and things have been getting steadily weirder ever since. The boards are great... the software sucks.

    For example: My current Gigabyte motherboard has a Creative CT-5880 chip (same as the SB-PCI-128 card) embedded. Note: I said "Gigabyte Motherboard"... I went to Creative's site and got the latest drivers and my system was giving me BSODs about every 3 minutes. Finally, after trying about 10 different versions of drivers, I stumbled into MSI's website, found a set of old drivers there and everything's been perfect since. Not one BSOD in 4 months.

    You may (no promises) find that early version drivers might solve your problems. IF you have the CD that came with the Card, try installing the win2000 drivers... They should work on XP.

    <b>(</b>It ain't better if it don't work.<b>)</b>
  3. I had been using an SB Live! in WinXP for a little while without too much trouble. You should probably consider removing all your sound drivers, all of Creative's bloatware, removing the device, and restarting Windows. WinXP can detect and install a SB Live!, then you should be able to go back and update your drivers with that WinXP driver pack from Creative.

    That worked for me, though I'm not sure why XP would think you've got a SB Live Value installed, unless you grabbed the wrong driver pack or something.
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