LAN internet connection issue: No Upload speed?

I just moved to a new location and I am having issues with the LAN internet connection with a desktop I just added to our internet set-up.

First, all other devices are working normally and have great internet speed and connection both LAN and through wifi. Now, the problematic desktop has download speeds of 35 mbps, but the connection is not stable and will disconnect and/or fail to load websites. Internet speed tests show there is NO upload connection. Every test I have done, the computer always FAILS/ERROR on the upload portion of the test.

So far I have tried the following:

disabled firewalls & antivirus program
updated Adobe Flash
different websites for internet speed tests
switched to wifi connection (the connection speed is super slow, but oddly enough is more stable than the LAN)
rebooted equipment etc.

My system information is as follows:

Windows 8, 64bit

newer modem, Netgear WGR614 router

provider: horrible comcast

Anyone have any ideas on what can be causing the issue and how to fix it? I am about to try a new router, but I think this is something specific with my computer. :O(
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  1. Got a new router tonight, and so far so good. I have an upload connection now.
  2. Good to hear that. Would you like me to mark this as solved and close the thread for you?
  3. Yes, Please! :)
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