D-Link router no internet access

I am living in an apartment and the landlord has the internet going from Modem > Router but the wireless signal is too weak so we have a long ethernet chord from the landlords router to our brand new D-Link router.

and then I would connect wirelessly through the D-Link

Well yesterday the landlord changed his router and now the D-Links internet light comes out and all lights like they should but when I connect wirelessly it says "Internet Access" but I cannot access any web pages.

When my friend tries to connect from ethernet from our D-Link he gets "No Internet access" and obviously no cant connect to the web.

Also, our long ethernet chord coming FROM the LANDLORDS router gives perfect internet when bypassing the D-Link and plugging directly in so it is not the chord.

I have tried resetting the d-link several times evne to the factory settings to no avail.A

This is a brand new router and I don't get why it would stop like this
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  1. The problem was caused by the landlord changing his router.

    Was your D-Link connected by the cable to its WAN port or to an LAN port, that is were you configured as an AP with DHCP turned off or did you have your own subnet?
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