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I was considering buying the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card. Currently I have my computer hooked up to an Aiwa surround sound stereo, but I don't have a subwoofer. Will I get a considerable loss of sound quality because I don't have a subwoofer? Or can I tell the computer this and have it adjust to compensate?
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  1. Well 5.1 is 5.1.Unless you have really good Speakers to make up for it.You will loose the low end.Its a bottom up thing that is hard to duplicate on average systoms.Im not famliar with your systom,,but a Sub is a must. The "1" as in all up to 7.1 is a part or the systom.PC speaker systoms are not high end sound systoms.For what they are used for is great.My Inspire 5700 sytsom is great with my Audigy 2.But my Family room Onkyo sytsom kicks its ass. But as to say ,,Size? Most times it does matter.But a Woofer,,Is a must............

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  2. Take a look in your Control Panel / Sound appy... there's likely a setting in there for different speaker arrangements buried under one of the "advanced" tabs. Just select the one that doesn't need a subwoofer.

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  3. A subwoofer reproduces the lower frequency parts of your sound (or bass). A subwoofer has a crossover that sends sounds of higher frequency than the crossover frequency (e.g. 60Hz) to your normal speakers and the rest will be played from your subwoofer. This gives you deeper bass and added punch.

    If you think you need added bass in your sounds and music buying a subwoofer helps a lot (short of getting very big speakers that can go as deep as a sub).
  4. My two main L/R speakers are pretty big, with two holes on each for bass in addition to the standard speaker in the center of each speaker. When I listen to music on it there's no problem hearing the bass.

    I might get a subwoofer if it's not too expensive. Do any of you know where I can get a decent one for cheap? Nothing special, just it has to use the standard stereo connection.
  5. Dont Laugh....You can go to Radio Shack.They have pretty good stuff for the average person.If your just looking for a Woofer its a good start.I owned one a few years back.It got the job done.And it was easy to fix as it was a Radio Shack speaker.Its all in The Shack.....Its just a Suggestion.
  6. Sorry, I have to laugh. Radio Shack is crap. Period. And those two holes in your speakers? Those are ports for air to travel through as the speaker itself moves air in and out of the enclosure. They aren't for bass.

    Shall I give a lesson in speaker design?

    The Aiwa's are fine. I've heard them, and they are decent speakers. However, you can't easily configure a crossover if you were to buy a sub. I also have a bookshelf system (Panasonic SA-AK40) that I have an Acoustic Research ARS300 sub hooked up to. I actually have the crossover cranked as high as it will go on the sub because the bookshelves don't have a crossover and lose a lot of power trying to play anthing below 100hz. I'm upgrading to a pair of Athena S2P3 combos and an HK AVR325 receiver, should anyone care....

    If you want a sub, you will have to shell out money. If you spend anything less than $500, you will wonder where all that supposed kick has gone. There isn't any at low prices. If you want some fast punch, I recommend a singe Athena P1 or P2, both of which will easily hook up to your current stereo and add bass you never though existed. Trust me. They are reasonably priced, and both have very small footprints. If you need more ideas, e-mail me. jeff.heintz@deltau.mb.ca. Good luck
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