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SO i have just bought a dell t110 server and the computers will be soon but i want to know if this is possible... i have a verizon fios router, i want to know if i can somehow connect a wired router to that and connect my server and computers to the switch

so it will go Verizon fios router > wired router > server/ computers
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  1. Are you putting in the router for wireless or is that handled by the Verizon router? If the Verizon router has wireless, just pick up a 4 or 8 port gig switch and use that. If you don't have wireless then you can plug a wireless router in like normal. Note that unless you turn off dhcp on the wireless router you will have two different networks if you plug computers into both the Verizon router and your router.
  2. The verizon fios router is wireless, i wanna have a switch for my server and 4 computers in my basement... im not sure how to hook up the switch so it will work right..
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    I can't think of a way you could plug a switch into the fios router wrong. You run a cable between any port on the switch to any lan port on the fios and you are good to go.
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