Yikes! Wrong RAM?

Hello all,

I am putting together a computer and I think I purchased the wrong RAM. I purchased the corsair XMS3200. The id number is CMX512-3200C2PT. I wanted to put this in the new Gigabyte GA-8INXP motherboard but I think I read it wrong. It looks like the motherboard will only support 2100 and 2700. Did I hooch the Pooch?

Also, if I did want to use this RAM, what other Motherboards do you folks recommend. The processor is going to be the P4 3.06 The Video card will probably be the ATI 9700 Radeon.

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  1. the ram will work fine in the motherboard, it'll just auto-clock down to pc2700 speed, it shouldn't be a problem.

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  2. All SDRAM is capable of being clocked downward from it's rated speed. If you choose to run this memory on your current board, it will simply run cooler and allow better overclocking, these are not bad things!

    The 8SG667 and 8SG800 are single channel boards that support your memory at full speed. The 8SQ800 and SINXP1394 support your memory in dual channel mode.

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  3. Well let me know how things go. I'm usting the same mobo with crucial ram and i'm having booting problems; see mobo section about that if you have any pointers for me.


    Oh yeah 3.06 would be great but I think it's slight overkill. save your money and upgrade sooner. You will get more out of your computer that way.

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  4. It will be fine. It will just run at a lower speed.
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