I have a Netgear router. It was set up so I could have internet on my laptop but awall switch wiped out the connection--by accident. How do i get it reconnected? Its a bear! I don't Know where to find my security code etc. Help pls!
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  1. Many routers have the default wireless security key printed at the back or underneath. If not, proceed as follows:

    First, you will need to use a laptop or PC that's connected to the router by ethernet cable.

    Then follow the Netgear instructions here:
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    My answer to this is to just download the users guide from Netgear and do a little reading, these are very basic questions...there is the admin password when you log into the router, and there's your wireless network security passphrase. You'll need your router's admin password to log into it (you can reset it, but that resets all the settings). Once you have that, you can go to the wireless security settings and see what the wireless passphrase is. The owners manual tells you how to do all of this.
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