Can't update network controller

I just finished a new build and updated windows and gpu and mobo drivers but my internet downloads are really really slow. Next to network controller it has an exclamation mark and when I run check for updates it say it was unable to find drivers for it. My motherboard is an asus maximus v formula and I did update the lan before connecting to the internet through usb with another computer.
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  1. Install the Utility as advised on Asus Download page for Maximus V Formula

    *Note: Please install NVM Update Utility for Intel 82579V Gigabit Ethernet PHY Network Connection first before you update this driver.

    The URL of the Utility:
  2. I fixed the problem I did exactly what you put and I downloaded the wifi drivers for the combo card it comes with everything good. Is it normal for a game to take like and hour and half or more to download from origin? I'm downloading Crysis 3 and its says it will take and 1:45 to complete.
  3. Hmm normaly speed is good from Origin. Is something being downloaded together with the game?
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