PSU manu and watts, input needed?

I need to upgrade my power supply. I have a antec 300w now, need more juice, uncertain what manus are good? antec, thermaltake, enermax? I'm thinking 430w and above? Any input is welcome, Watts and Manu??!! Thnx Obi
P4 2.8 fsb 533mhz
1 gig 2700 ddr
(2)100 gig hd 7200 rpm, raid
9700 pro ati
1 92mm fan
1 80mm fan
1 blower cooler
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  1. d00d, I already answered you, although you did post in the wrong forum -graphics cards- (And I didn't notice!) :eek:
  2. OK, I am in a good mood today (rare!), so this is what I posted....

    Well, all of the above are good PSU's. I have an Antec TruePower 480 (futureproofing!) and it's superb. Enermax seem to be the PSU of the discerning THGC member tho! As a UK resident tho, they're rarer than rockinghorseshit!

    430w should do you, but when I asked pretty much the same question on these boards, the advice I got was "Get as big a PSU as you can". And it's good advice. If you got the cash to go higher, do it!
  3. I have good experience with Enermax.
  4. Enermax is slightly better than average and not worth any price premium. I don't know who makes Thermaltake. Antec is very good, and you get a 3-year warranty, but they're not better than Sparkle/Fortron, and the latter is available from and for low prices. Tom isn't the only person who's found that Antec Truepower and Fortron/Sparkle are much more powerful than most 400-450W supplies, so be skeptical of manufacturers' ratings.
  5. Enermax and Antec are among the best. 430W will be plenty for that system.

    My dual-PSU PC is so powerfull that the neighbourhood dims when I turn it on :eek:
  6. Another vote for the enermax....sparkle/fortron were good power supplies back in day...but they do NOT supply enough +12V power for most high end do the math...a 400watt sparkle power supply according to their website only supplies 15A on the +12V rail....Hell a p4 2.8 consumes at least 8A alone not taking into account case fans, harddrives, etc...that would be taking a chance on instability

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  7. I have some problem with older series of Antec PSU before. That is why I am not recommending Antec.
  8. Antec switched suppliers from HEC (Heroichi) to Channel Well Technology today, I believe starting with their Smartpower and Truepower series. But HEC has been known for good supplies, and some Truepowers blew high voltage filter capacitors, either because the capacitors were defective or the surge reduction (thermistor, soft start) turned on the supply too quickly.
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