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I have a Sony Vaio Z laptop which came with a 500GB Toshiba hard drive. I replaced this original Toshiba hard drive with a Seagate Momentus XT 750GB Hybrid Drive. But I am not able to restore system on new hard drive. It copies all the files and gives error at the end. Same thing happens when I try installing Win 7 from DVD.
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  1. That is strange, it should work just fine. by any chance can you tell us what the error message says?
  2. Your original HD probably had a hidden recovery partition, that was complete with all needed drivers for your particular laptop. A generic Windows DVD would NOT have any laptop-specific drivers available, This is what I think is happening here. Did your original HD fail? or did you just need a larger HD?
  3. I upgarded to speed up the laptop by putting Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid drive. I got additional space as secondary benefit. You are right that original HDD had a recovery partition. But I should be able to install Win 7 and then I will load the required drivers whcih are available on Sony Website. That is how we do on a desktop and do not face any problem. Why it should be different for a laptop? When I put back back my original HDD, it works fine. When I checked Seagte site about this problem, Segate says no specific drivers are required. Generic SATA drivers available with Win OS should suffice.
  4. nhasian said:
    That is strange, it should work just fine. by any chance can you tell us what the error message says?

    I get following error message:

    " Windows setup could not configure Windows to run on this compuetr's hardware." This message is dispalyed when restore is alomost completed.
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    Download a Full Retail Win7 ISO with SP1 included:

    Burn it

    Boot it

    Install it

    You need to use you purchased Product Key on the bottom of your laptop to activate it.
  6. Thanks. Currently, I am travelling. I will downlod and try Win 7 + SP1 as suggested by you some time next week and will give you the feedback.
  7. Thanks a lot. It worked.
  8. Excellent - Please mark as solved so the thread gets closed :-)
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