Where was that list...

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....over what items could be gotten in what sectors in X2?
I saw it somewhere, but forgot to save. Anyone?
Particularly interested in the 'best buy', 'best sell'-programs...

That, and how in the world can I get my Manta(well, I wasted the credits on
a mako first, so I have been outfitting that ship I got from Elena. Recently
aquired that cheap little fighter so that I could sit back and watch the
thing shuttle back and forth on its own, giving me credits.
Would I perhaps need the above programs for that sort of thing? Certainly it
must be possible, somehow...?

Elfseeker, who bores real easily, and finds the speed of the thing(even
SETA'd) rather annoying...Jumpdrive doesn't help; you still have to travel
across half the sector, most times...
Sitting back and just watch the credits roll in, now that's another affair
entirely! :P
(possibly go to bed and get some sleep for once, while the transporter does
its thing...)
(Side note; Why the restriction(both product- and resource-side) on the
silicone wafers? 208?!? I'm running around with a minimum cargohold of
(Not for that, they yield seems rather small whatever product I go
for(shuttling back and forth in the boron sectors, with a side trip or two
down to argon prime), which is why I'm interested in getting it on auto; so
I won't have to hang around watching my account creep upward a few thousand
credits(if that) per trip...
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  1. Archived from groups: comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.space-sim (More info?)

    found it. gamefaqs.com
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