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I have bought a new belkin router since my old ITI router had some problems and it died. My ISP used to check my old router's mac address to authorize me to use the internet but since i have changed my router i cant access the net from home anymore. Before i used to change the mac address of my laptop to be same as that of router to be able to access the net.

Can anyone advise me as to how to change my new belkin router's mac address to the old ITI router's mac which i have saved in my laptop. Please help . I live in a remote Area and my local isp guys have no idea as to what to do. And the worst part is have only 1 ISP to choose from. Please help.
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  1. Covered in the router's manual. It's called 'MAC cloning'
  2. I tried that already. Mac changed in the mac address option of router and it applied but still it wont connect. I checked again with an android app called Fing and it confirmed that the router's mac address was not changed.
  3. Okay its like this. In my belkin router's home page, it shows under the ' Internet settings' that the 'Wan mac address ' is C8:60******** ( which belongs to my old router - changed via the cloning option) .But under ' Lan settings' it shows the 'LAN / WLAN Mac as 08:86******** ( which belongs to my new belkin router) . How do i change this also to the old ITI router's mac address value. Maybe then my internet should work just fine. Thanks for the help.
  4. WAN side is the only one that counts. It's the only port that the modem can see. Did you power cycle the modem after changing the MAC? If you don't then they'll never talk to one another.
  5. Yes,i restarted my router but still it wont connect and when i try the " arp -a " command in windows' cmd , it shows my dyanmic physical address as the old mac address. Please help.
  6. I tried analysing my connection with the android Fing app again and it shows my computer's mac address as the new cloned one and the belkin router's mac address is the original unchangede one. I believe this is the reason why my ISP isnt authorizing me into the network,because they are looking for my router's mac address and not my computer's . So how do i change my router's mac address? Thanks again :)
  7. Consult the router's documentation on changing the WAN port MAC address. You do NOT change the MAC on the computer's NIC, which is what you have been doing.

    Again, WAN port on the router, it's the ONLY one that matters here as it's this is the one connected to the modem and the only one the modem can see. 'arp -a' can not see the WAN port, only the LAN side.
  8. Okay so I 'll change wan port mac address on the router and not the NIC. But why is it that after changing the NIC mac address my router shows the wan mac address as the cloned one. Anyway i should rollback the change to the NIC and make the change to wan port mac address on the router right?
  9. Yes.
  10. I have belkin N 150 router and how do I change the wan port mac address on it? I checked the router settings nd user manual and they have not mentioned anything other than mac address filtering and mac address cloning in it? Can you show me show to change the WAN port Mac address on the router, please. Thanks.
  11. I tried googling it several times, all the different tutorials and guides tell how to change the NIC's Mac address only Nd not the wan port mac address on the router. Please help. I dont have internet at home and have to use a slow speed 2g mobile network for communicating with tomshardware
  12. :sweat: please help.
  13. I checked the (what passes for anyway) the manual and didn't see anything concerning MAC cloning. Actually, there wasn't much in the way of information other than how to run the setup software that comes with it. Belkin, being one of the bottom of the barrel brands, may not have included the ability to change the WAN port MAC address. However, without a better manual there's no way to ascertain that. My suggestion is to contact Belkin support and ask them.
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