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I'm completing my build with a cooler master storm stryker running windows 8 pro 64, with a gigabyte Z77X-UP5 TH when I try to connect to wifi/ LAN I get limited connectivity. I've tried downloading the driver from gigabyte and also from the atheros/ Qualcomm website but all windows 8 device driver manager reports is that the latest driver is installed. Any help would be appreciated because I'm running out of ideas..!
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  1. It may not be a problem with your build at all, it may simply be that the router needs resetting. Unplug it from power supply, then plug it back in. Give it time to re-sync and show that it's ready to use (no lights flashing).
  2. With "limited connectivity" this usually is an indicator of two things:
    1) Limited/weak signal
    2) IP Configuration of the PC doesn't match the IP Configuration of the Network.

    99% of the time, it will be due to the IP Configuration. Check the options you have selected in your setup for the network.
  3. also did the connection the first time ask for your wifi password..if you did not enter it right your not going to log onto it. also check that your logging onto your home router and not your next door friends.
  4. Thanks, you were right about the router, turns out it stopped giving out a signal when I plugged the LAN cable in. Now it's online I've installed the correct drivers. Thanks again.
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