Which case should I get?

I'm about to start building a new PC and are in doubt regarding which case to get. The Antec Lanboy gets good reviews but proves difficult to get hold of (in Norway). There is an abundance of various Chieftech cases on the market though, and I would appreciate if anyone would share their experiences wrt these, and hopefully also recommend specific models.

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  1. Chieftec and Antec build variations of the cases designed by the company Chenming. Either way, you're getting a good case, and I do like Chieftec (have one myself). If you have the money, look into getting an aluminum model, because they have better temperatures for the same airflow, and are a lot lighter. Other than that, Coolermaster and Lian Li are expensive, but good. If you need cheap, but reliable, with a good power supply included, then I would go Enlight.

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