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Stephen Court and Alan Parson's Sound Check CD has become a widespread
reference and test CD and is currently in its second version..

Sound Check 2 contains tracks for audio assessment including:

Pink Noise 1/3 Octave Spectrum Analysis
Pink Noise Test Tones
Sweep Tones
Sine And Square Wave Spot Frequencies
Instrumental Tracks
Music Tracks
Sound Effects
Utility Tracks
Maximum Tone Level

and adds some unique operatic vocal and music tracks, bringing the
total number of tracks up to 99.

The Sound Check 2 is also available in a double CD case which houses a
built-in microphone and sound level meter calibrated from -15dB to
+12dB. The complete response analyser!

Full details, track listings and ordering information at:

InterStudio Limited
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    I miss the APRS
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    Them were the days


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