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Ok first, I want to give background before I get to the problem. I have a brand new unit just out of the box with a working Windows 7 OS. I take the HDD out of the unit and create an image file. I then take another HDD and ghost the image I just created onto this new HDD. When I plug in the new HDD to the unit and boot it up, the unit will not boot into Windows. I am using Symantec Ghost32 version 11.5.1 with all the defaults except I did turn off span. I didn't format the HDD prior to ghosting it so I am currently running a test to see if this fixes it.

Another problem I am seeing is that when I restore a pc using the system recovery discs, after all the cd's are done and the OS is fully updated using windows update, I am no longer able to hit F11 and do a system recovery.
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  1. Before doing that stuff create a system repair disk -- go to the Start button search box and type system repair disk, then run that wizard and create the CD. Then when you attach the new drive run the repair disk and it will fix your SRP to allow that HDD to be recognized as the OS disk. I do it all the time between different cloned drives (I usually use Ghost 15).

    Also, make sure that you clone the SRP (system reserve partition) before cloning the C drive and do not give either a disk letter. Here is the general selections that I make when cloning with Ghost:

    Create the SPR partition first and then the C: partition with these options:

    The Ghost options for SRP (system reserve partition) are

    Set Drive Active (for booting OS)

    Copy MBR

    Destination partition type: Primary

    Drive letter of None

    The Ghost options for Win7 C drive are

    Destination partition type: Primary

    Resize drive to fill unallocated space (ONLY if you want to)

    Drive letter of None

    Don't Disable SmartSector copying for either
  2. I don't use Norton Ghost now. I use Acronis. But the logic should be the same anyway.
    When recovering the image to the new disk did you select "recover disk signature" option? It should help recovering to a new disk faultlessly as disk signature is a part of MBR.
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